OFF by Mortis Ghost, for Mac and Windows

OFF is a French roleplaying game by Mortis Ghost that has been translated to English. More info can be found in the forum thread for the translated game here.

In "OFF" you take control of a mysterious person called "The Batter", who is described to be on an important mission. The Batter, and yourself as his controller, are dropped off in zone 0, the first of 4 zones in a perplexing, unknown world about which you slowly find out more and more in the process of the game.


Windows: v2.0 (60MB ZIP) DOWNLOAD

Mac OS: v2.1.2 (140MB ZIP) DOWNLOAD

Windows Instructions

  1. Right click off_translation_v2.0, click "Extract All...", navigate to the folder called "OFF Translation v. 2.0", which should contain some font files.
  2. Select all the font files (named Profont, RM(number), etc.), right click them and click "Install". If you don't see the install option, copy the font files into C:\Windows\Fonts\.
  3. Go into the "NEW OFF TRANSLATION v 2.0" folder and open the file titled "RPG_RT.exe" (you might not see the .exe part. it has a little sword for an icon).

This is the game, don't move the file outside of the folder or it won't run. If you need to move the game elsewhere, move the entire folder named "NEW OFF TRANSLATION v 2.0".

Mac OS Instructions

  1. Double click (If this does nothing or you get some sort of an error message, right click and select "Open with" > "Archive Utility". If it's still not working, check that the file is around 140mb, if it's not, try downloading it again.)
  2. Click the appliaction called "OFF" that should show up in the folder you downloaded the zip to.

This application will contain your saves, try not to lose it.

Bonus Links


Instructions for transferring saves on Mac OS.

  1. right click the previous version of off you used and select "show package contents"
  2. navigate to drive_c > Program Files > OFF and copy the files titled Save(number).lsd to the new version, in the same directory